Two component moulding

Two-component moulding is a combination of two materials that are bound together in two moulding processes. The process makes it possible to avoid assembly of two parts and saves working time in our customers’ production of products. 

The moulding process is based on any one of the available moulding processes, making it possible to achieve all of the advantages of the individual processes.

One part is completed in a moulding process and transported to another moulding machine, where the second moulding is carried out.

The result is a combination of the two components that would not be possible by other production methods without extensive working time.

The primary advantage of two component moulding is saved time and there are really no disadvantages apparent. 

AVK Plast has extensive accumulated experience in two-component moulding and knows the potential pitfalls in the development of products with this technology.

Rely on AVK Plast as your partner in the development in new products.

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