Airmould plastic moulding, also known as GIT (Gas Innendruck-Technik) is a complicated process requiring highly skilled personnel to achieve the right result. The mouldings are very rigid and low weight at the same time, reducing the material used for the product. 


The moulding process includes filling the moulding form to 60% with the plastic raw material. After this is completed, the gas is injected until the mould is completely filled. The final part of the process is the gas holding pressure phase, that continues until the product is stabile in its form. Typically the material thickness is 4 mm if it is a plate, while a handle only needs 2 mm thickness to be rigid. 




The primary advantage of airmould plastic moulding is reduced material consumption, reduced cycle times, mechanical rigidity, and reduced level of internal tension that reduces the risk of wrapping. 

The primary disadvantage is the cost of the equipment needed for the process, risk of holes in the product from the gas injection, flow lines and the need for highly skilled personnel to operate the moulding machine. 

AVK Plast has extensive accumulated experience in airmould plastic moulding and knows the potential pitfalls in the development of products with this technology.

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