Plastic Injection Moulding

Outline of various plastic injection moulding techniques

AVK Plast is your partner in the development of new products and we happily share our knowledge in order to get the best results.

To advise in choosing the most suitable injection moulding technique for a product is part of our job.

Relevant issues to consider are for example the application of the actual product, the ambient temperature, and specifications for strength, surface, and environment.

Product size can also be a decisive issue as to the preferred technique. In some situations, we recommend to part a sizeable product into two mouldings and assemble the two parts after the process.

AVK Plast uses the required techniques for creating a specific result for our customers. We are experts within a wide range of injection moulding techniques:

  • Traditional injection moulding
  • Structural foam
  • Gas counter pressure
  • Air moulding injection
  • Multi component moulding (2K)  


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