Machinery / Capacity

AVK Plast has comprehensive machinery including some of the largest injection moulding machines in Scandinavia. The biggest machine has a clamp force capacity of 2700 tonnes and covers a weight of components up to way over 35 kg (depending of choice of material).

Our forty production lines are equipped with injection moulding machines with a clamp force capacity from 35 tonnes up to 2700 tonnes.

All production lines are equipped with process-operated robots with a capacity to produce small as well as large series consisting of components from 2 g up to over 35 kg (depending of material choice).

Employees, who rotate in regular turns in the production in order to obtain a solid expertise of the various methods and processes, operate our machines.

This ensures our staff to take on all functions in the production line, and these technical all-round qualifications are the basis of our ability to continue to be a flexible company, which can undertake quick changes and adjustments as to meet our customers' individual needs.


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