Vision / Mission / Values

Our Mission

AVK Plast is ambitious, committed and targeted in searching the perfect solution to our customers.

As part of our business philosophy it is our goal to give customers and users most added value.

Through hard work and focus we constantly seek to realise the optimum result all way through the process.

As part of our values we never stop asking ourselves, the added value of our products. What is the effect to the customers? What is the effect to the users? In reply to this we do our very best to meet these goals through all steps of the project.

Our overall purpose is

To sell, develop and produce high-quality injection moulded plastics. This includes a professional design and production of injection moulded tools, equipment, and effective production solutions.

Our Vision

  • To be our customers' preferred supplier of purchase, consulting and production of injection moulded plastic solutions.
  • To be a leading Scandinavian company in design and production of plastic parts and tools for European companies.
  • To carry out and strengthen our reputation as a professional and reliable partner with a high level of expertise in plastics and raw materials.
  • To be able to offer professional, competitive and Lean Solutions with high flexibility and on-time delivery.
  • To be able to produce a wide range of plastics with varying specifications from small to very large items in small and large series.
  • To be able to deliver value-added products and meet the most stringent requirements for quality, environment and work environment standards.

Our Action

  • AVK Plast wants to create and add value by sharing knowledge in the product development process.


AVK Plast A/S
Øster Vedstedvej 26A

DK-6760 Ribe

Tel. +45 75 420 144
Fax. +45 75 410 394

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