TS16949 Elements

Several customers operate in a market where the requirements as to precision are very high. This requires us to manage the philosophy of the TS16949 standard*, according to which we shall establish PPAP** documentation with sample tests and measuring reports.

Many years ago, the auto industry commenced an approach where each manufacturer had their own set of specifications to the subcontractors. Over the last 20 years many changes have occurred, and now the standard TS16949* is applicable.

AVK Plast fully complies with the requirements of the TS16949*.
Today we are geared to meet the requirements from both the auto industry as well as the manufacturers of medical equipment. This enables us to produce thousands of items with deviations in dimensions and specifications within a known and acceptable level.

For AVK Plast and our customers this means a long-term and trusting collaboration to ensure our customers a stable and competent subcontractor of accurate items.

Today TS16949* is adopted completely- or partially within the wind power-, rail- and transport industries as well as in the manufacturing of agricultural machines.

For these industries, emphasis is on measuring the first produced pieces and analyse the risk as to mistakes in the processes.

*TS16949: TS16949 is an International Quality Management Standard specifically outlined by the automobile industry.

**PPAP: Production Part Approval Process (PPAP) is used in the supply chain in order to create assurance as to component suppliers and their production processes. This is ensured by the fact that all the technical project records and specification requirements by the customer are fully known to the supplier, and that the process applied is equipped to manufacture the product and comply with the requirements during the actual production process at the quoted production speed.




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