ISO Certification

AVK Plast A/S is certified according to the following ISO standards:

Quality: ISO 9001         ISO 9001 certificate from BVQI

Environment: ISO 14001            ISO 14001 certificate from BVQI

Quality Control and ISO 9001

As part of a large international group AVK Plast is ISO 9001:2008 certified with regard to quality control.

The quality control is carried out in accordance with the systems of Kaizen* and LEAN**. An ongoing examination from purchase of raw materials to set-up and implementation will be effected until the moulding process gives perfect parts.

Any deviation from the planned programme will be examined in detail in order to identify the cause and effect improvements.

These procedures ensure AVK Plast to deliver top-class quality.

Our internal waste rate has been minimized and the vast majority of the by-production is reused as granulate in recycled plastic products.

Environmental Management and ISO 14001

AVK Plast has constant focus on both internal and external environment, and we are certified according to the environmental standard ISO 14001: 2004.

Certification in accordance with the environmental management standard reduces waste volumes as well as changes the waste mix, so the environmental impact is reduced as much as possible.

In addition, our energy consumption is controlled and monitored, so that reductions are continuously implemented.

Our internal use of chemicals is systemized, so we use least hazardous and environmentally damaging chemical products.

*Kaizen: Kaizen is a Japanese philosophy and means continuous improvement. The philosophy is based on the idea that not one single day may past without improvements in the company. Implementation of this culture will bring the company in a very strong position. Kaizen is about creating a culture in which the staff will be equipped to discover and remove any waste during on going improvements of the working procedures:

**LEAN: Lean is the idea of creating more value using fewer resources. Lean means trimmed and is about to increase the productivity and the clients’ satisfaction through efficiency improvement.


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